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Lowa App is the coolest app which can help you manage and share your location address with your friend!
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Yeah, but how does it work?

Lowa - Location Wallet is the cool app which help you save your location address.

Neat! You can login and save your location address wallet to cloud!

This app includes cool feature as follow:

  • 1. My location wallet card list
  • 2. Nearby location wallet card list
  • 3. Friend list
  • 4. Find friend
  • 5. Share the location card with your friend
  • 6. Map view for you location wallet
  • 7. Navigate, call or speak out for your location wallet card
  • 8. Find nearby card for your location wallet card

you can share your location address to your friend and send it as a image via other app. You can navigate or call to this place and you can find nearby location wallet card. If you are driving or cannot read it, it can speak out for you by click speak out button.

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Alright, that’s pretty awesome!

but where can I get it?

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